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We’re excited to announce that we’re re-opening Kenmark North in Collingwood, located conveniently on Hwy 26 just east of the Mac’s Milk/LCBO past the lights at Mountain Road (Grey Road 19) with our partner, Army’s World Cup Ski Services, in what was formerly the Wellness Centre.

No longer will you need to wait for a mid-week visit to Richmond Hill to address all your skiing and snowboarding needs.  Come visit us at Kenmark North for soft goods, accessories, and equipment, including some stuff you won’t find easily in Collingwood!

Demo skis for sale and lots of new accessories!

For more info, you can email us at, or phone the new store at 705 293 9323.

We look forward to seeing you there!


“We’ll help you find the equipment to have the best time this winter”

Cutting Edge Tuning

Let our experts make sure your skis and boards are in perfect shape

The History of Kenmark

In 1980 there was a need for a ski store that excelled in customer service and provided top of the line snowsport products.  Kenmark Snowsports was born.  From 1980 until the latter part of the 90’s, the store was known as Kenmark Ski Shop.  When snowboarding became mainstream, the store was given the name Kenmark Snowsports.  You always find the latest and greatest skis, snowboards, bindings, boots, outer wear, base layers, helmets and so much more. 

A Ski Coach To Go that really works.

Pole Position is THE performance enhancer for individual skiers seeking to get more out skiing than just making it down the slopes. Light-weight, portable, and easy to snap on, the flex strap serves as a great training aid that does not require a great deal of prior knowledge or expertise to become a handy tool for solo exercises.

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Kenmark Snow Sports – Richmond Hill